Update May 2019

I really can’t believe we’ve been here 24 years what a lot has happened in that time. When i came it was a field only, we have built workshops, 2 barns and 7 stables even rebuilt the house 3 times. I have had lots of help by many friends, tears and loads of fun.

I knew I could get a lot of solar panels for that amount. We started with a waterwheel on the drop of the pond wall (designed and built by me very good mate Alan Dean) an inverter (off a turbine) then solar panels and a wind turbine on a telegraph pole by the house. (see photos) Recently big new solar panels on the barn roof and a whole new system with complicated inverter (can’t say I understand all that) (all my electrics have been installed by a very good friend Simon of Zia Solar Systems) but it works well. Also we have a septic tank which gets emptied every couple of years whenever it needs it. The only bills i have are for the water.

In 2002, I was diagnosed with MS losing mobility in my legs, it progressed, walking stick then two sticks, then frame, now i am wheelchair-bound. Everything in the house needed to come down to my level !! Now i am beginning to lose ability in my hands - I would tell you my MS is down to all the years I spent fighting the Council to get planning, any stress affects my mobility.

The house was rebuilt in 2007 with Rob Buckler of DCRS and Alan Dean of Trebough Woodlands and 30 helpers all living on site !

Being in a wheelchair means i cannot exercise so i am putting on weight and have restricted my diet being type 2 Diabetic.

Dogs For Good
My lovely 'Dog For Good' - Coco

Surprise I have a wonderful Assistant dog (black Labrador) from Dogs for Good she is a great help she can take off my shoes socks coat pick up anything i drop.

Now I don’t take part in the farming, my son Ben does agricultural contracting he takes care of the fields in and around Butleigh for the “little people” who major contractors are not interested in. He has recently bought at auction the field next door and built a bridge so connecting us.

He has a flock of sheep increasing with lambs born each year. You can view a video of him hay-making by the side of Glastonbury Tor

The new stables we built, we did DIY equestrian for a few years the horses were fine but the owners were always causing problems so we gave up offering this facility.

The house is doing ok we have it re-limed (on the outside) every autumn thus sealing any splits or damage. There is two roofs one is ply with felt then about 2 in gap (the wrens nest in there) then corrugated roof

Corrugated bitumen sheets are an easy to install, long life and economical solution for roofing and wall covering solution for roofing and wall covering.

Each having excellent weathering characteristics and being manufactured from recycled materials are eco-friendly.